Placement Cell

Training and Placement Cell:

The Training & Placement Cell of Hardwari Lal Government College, is an important part of the Institute, which takes active role in contacting the companies and inviting them for campus recruitment in today’s competitive environment. Training & Placement Cell finds an important role to achieve industrial requirement and student’s expectation in different levels which deals with providing placement opportunity to our students in the prominent companies.

The industry is always on the lookout for students who are vibrant, energetic individuals and ready to accept challenges, attentive, a good academic background and more importantly, good communication skills.

The T&P Cell, an innovative and unique concept which has been set up with the objective of bringing industry and academia close to each other. This is a cell which bridges the gap between students and industry.

The T&P Cell has a focused approach on counseling and guiding each and every student so as to help him/her in getting the best of the companies according to their career aspirations.