Model Contract of Apprenticeship Training for Major/Minor* Apprentices



1.     Name and Registered Address of Establishment                             : H.L.G. Govt. College Tauru (E11170600345)



with Telephone no. & E-mail address                                                    : H.L.G. GOVT. COLLEGE BAWLA ROAD TAURU DISTT

NUH, Nuh, Haryana



: N/A



2.     (a) Name of Apprentice (Block Letters)                                                 : NAVEEN (A0321176202)

(b)  Father’s/Mother’s /Spouse’s Name                                                  :  NARENDRA KUMAR


3.     Address of apprentice                                                                                       : Vpo Jaurasi Teh Tauru Haryana, JAURASI, Nuh, Haryana


4.     Gender                                                                                                                       : Male


5.     Date of Birth                                                                                                           : 10-07-2003


6.     (a) Whether belongs to SC/ST/OBC/PwD/ Minority                       : No

(b)  Name of the Category                                                                                : General


7.     Educational Qualification (Highest)                                                        : ITI - NCVT


8.     (a) Category of Apprenticeship                                                                   : Designated

(b)  Name of the trade for which Apprentice is training              : Computer Operator and Programming Assistant


9.     (a) Whether Basic Training is to be provided as part of Apprenticeship

(b)  If Basic Training is exempt reason for exemption


: No

(i)  Name of the Course                                                                                     : ITI

(ii)  Duration of Training/Course                                                                 : N/A

(iii)  Name of the Institute                                                                               : SDIT HARYANA

(iv)  Name of the Sector Skill Council (if applicable)                     : N/A


10.  Apprenticeship Training duration (Total)                                            : 2080 Hours

(a)  Duration of Basic Training                                                                     : N/A

Period of Basic Training                                                                                 : N/A

(b) Duration of On-the-Job Training                                                        : 2080 Hours

Period of On-the-Job Training                                                                     : From 18-04-2022 to 17-04-2023

(c)  Training Type                                                                                                : Sequential


11.  Apprenticeship Training Location                                                             :  HARDAWARI LAL COLLEGE

(a)  Name and address of facility where Basic Training is to be provided


(b) Name and address of the facility where On-the-Job Training is to be provided

: N/A


: H.L.G. Govt. College Tauru HARDAWARI LAL COLLEGE

Nuh Haryana


12.  (a) Date of execution of contract                                                                : 16-05-2022

(b) Age of Apprentice on the date of execution of contract  : 18 years, 9 months and 19 days


13.  Is the establishment opting for benefits under NAPS*?              : Yes

*If yes, Annexure 2 to this contract will also be applicable.


14.  Monthly stipend amount

(a)  During 1st year of training                                                                      7700

(b) During 2nd year of training                                                                   : N/A

(c)  During 3rd and 4th year of training                                                 : N/A


The Establishment agrees and understands that the minimum monthly stipend amount is prescribed in the Rule 11(1) of Apprenticeship Rule, 1992. The Establishment confirms that the agreed monthly stipend amount entered above must be higher than these minimum rates.

If the minimum rates are modified through legislation (either through modification of rules, or through modification of minimum wages payable) during the course of apprenticeship, this revised rates will apply as the minimum payable to Apprentice


15.  (a) Name and Address of Guardian In case Apprentice is under 18 years of age (Minor)

: N/A

(b) Relationship with the Apprentice                                                              : N/A


16.  (a) Whether Apprentice was identified through approved Third Party Aggregator

: No

(b) Name of TPA (if applicable)                                                                             : N/A


17.  We, the Establishment, Apprentice/Guardian solemnly declare that we have read the Apprentices Act, 1961 and the Apprenticeship Rules, 1992 as amended from time to time, regarding the contract of apprenticeship training including obligations and terms and conditions contained in Schedule V and VI of the said rules and will comply with the same.

18.  I, the Apprentice, declare that all details shared by me, including educational qualifications and other personal information shared, is correct and will provide original documents for verification at any time

19.  We, the Establishment, have examined the Apprentice’s information, including personal details, and will seek relevant documentation for verification as and when required.

20.  In case of default by either the apprentice or the employer, we agree to compensate the other party as per the provisions of the Apprenticeship Rules, 1992 (Main Provisions of the Rules may be seen in the Annexure 1).

21.  The Establishment, Apprentice/Guardian hereby also declares to comply with the terms and conditions of National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS),if applicable.



Signature of the

Employer with seal                            Signature of Apprentice                         Signature of Guardian




Contract Registration No.                                                                                           : CN052200780 (To be given by the Office of the Apprenticeship Adviser)

(Mandatory only for Registered Trades)







Signature of Registering Authority (Apprenticeship Advisor)

(Registration required for Designation trade only)

Annexure 1 Contract of Apprenticeship Training


Some provisions of the Apprenticeship Rules relating to the Contract of Apprenticeship Training are reproduced below for sake of convenience.

Both the Establishment and Apprentices have read and are bound by the provisions of the directions in have read the Apprentices Act, 1961 and the Apprenticeship Rules, 1992, which will apply to this Contract of Apprencticeship

1.  The stipend for a particular month shall be paid by the tenth day of the following month. No deduction shall be made from the stipend for the period during which an apprentice remains on casual leave or medical leave. Stipend shall, however, not be paid for the period

for which an Apprentice remains on extraordinary leave.

2.  Where the Contract of Apprenticeship is terminated through failure on the part of the employer in carrying out the terms and conditions of the Contract (as notified under the Apprenticeship Rules, 1992), he shall pay to the apprentice compensation as

determined by Apprenticeship Advisor.

3.  In the event of premature termination of Contract of Apprenticeship for failure on the part of apprentice to carry out the terms and condition of the contract (as notified under the Apprenticeship Rules, 1992), the apprentice hereby guarantees to employer the

payment of such amount as determined by the Apprenticeship Adviser as and towards the cost of training.

Annexure -2 | Covenants and conditions specific to NAPs scheme


1.  For availing benefit under NAPS scheme, the course under which apprenticeship training is being provided, should be NSQF aligned.

2.  Assessment and Certification shall be done jointly by the establishment and SSC/ NCVT/ other bodies as notified from time to time under NAPS guidelines.

3.  The Establishment warrants and confirms that they have studied, understood and agree to comply with the guidelines that are applicable to Establishments that are part of the NAPS scheme. These guidelines are published at

( and maybe updated from time to time.